Static sites are great but managing them is frustrating at best...

We fully manage projects powered by Jekyll for digital agencies, entrepreneurs and business owners - so you can keep focus on creative part and let us to take care of the rest, literally.



Harness power of Jekyll to get stunning static sites from plain-text documents in minutes not weeks!


Enjoy endless creativity of Jekyll open-source community or bring your own themes, plugins and customizations.

Publishing Schedule

Seamless automation to publish your content on a schedule that fits your business model, time zone or events!

All-inclusive Support

Enjoy world-class technical support. Our team promptly fixes any CSS, HTML or JavaScript issue with your project.


Works with popular source control solutions and if that's not your case, then drop us a note - we will add support for yours.

Docker Containers

We use Docker to embrace flexibility of Jekyll, support custom plugins + modules and serve your pages faster.

We've Got You Covered

Nerds manage it all, so you don't have to

We are a Jekyll expert that can help you with everything - content and design edits, domain registration and setup, Jekyll customizations and plugins maintenance, site analytics configuration, weekly updates, concierge migrations and automated backups.

We are always here for you to help with questions or technical challenges standing in your way and here is how:

  • Free in & out concierge migrations (all of them)
  • Gallery with 100% working open-source themes (curated by us)
  • All-inclusive tech support (included in all plans)
  • Premier 1-on-1 support on Slack (for emergencies)
  • Backups and more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I migrate to StaticPages from the other provider, given I'm not a technical-savvy person?

We are very excited to offer Concierge Migrations for our customers at no additional charge (included in all plans). Our migration experts will take care of all technical details when you move in or out, at no charge for you.

All migrations come with a detailed report of what was done and how for an each step and move your site gracefully to keep downtime (if any) to the minimal.

We assign a temporary domain to your site during the migration and ensure everything works flawlessly before going live.

How do I fix these technical issues I'm running into with my new Jekyll project?

Like any software, your Jekyll project does require some technical expertise to address issues that arise from time to time. However, at StaticPages, we are very happy to help you solve any technical difficulties you may run into.

All you need is to drop us a note and let us 2 or 3 time slots that work best for your schedule. That is it!

How do I setup a domain name and Jekyll project to work together?

Even with all the guides and documentation available out there, for an unexperienced site owner the process still very tedious, error prone and frustrating at best. Oftentimes technical jargon sets you back or leads to unexpected results wasting your precious time and energy.

Hey, but you’re a lucky one! As one of our customers, you can delegate domain setup and configuration to the expert team at StaticPages. We will take care of an every aspect of the process.

How do I repair my Jekyll project that doesn't work because of an XYZ plugin?

Open-source (aka. OSS) components bring a lot of intrinsic value to a project of any size, however, being best effort some of these OSS components could be poorly maintained or even abandoned by their authors. Unfortunately this brings risks that usually a site owner would have to either deal with on their own or outsource to a freelancer.

Luckily, at StaticPages we embrace and contibute to OSS, as well as help our customers to maintain OSS components of their Jekyll projects that are outdated, not working properly, abandoned or need customizations not available otherwise.

Why amazing XYZ theme for Jekyll is not in your Themes Gallery?

Oops, it might be that you’ve just found something truly amazing we haven’t had a chance to discover yet. We will be flattered make XYZ theme a part of our ever-growing Themes Gallery. Even though it would take us some time to validate and adopt XYZ theme to the gallery - your request to support the theme will be prioritized.

Drop us a note where XYZ theme can be found, how soon you might need it in the gallery and we will take care of the rest!

How do I customize my Jekyll project if writing code is not one of my strengths?

We know that working with the code is intimidating experience and not an easy feat for a person, coming from a different professional background. However, deep Jekyll expertise is one of our core strength, professional passion and something that we would love to share with you.

Drop us an email describing your idea, how soon you might need to use it and we will make corresponding arrangements for you!