Thank You!


We are enormously grateful to jQuery's team and contributors of the project! One of the best Javascript frameworks out there to write less and do more.


The web wouldn't have been such a wonderful place without Bootstrap! Brilliantly designed CSS toolkit helps us to render our content on any screen and media.


Making typewriter effect right is very delicate business afterall! Our team sends warm hugs and positive vibes to Tameem Safi, the men who gets it right, the author of the project.


Simple, stunning and pure CSS tooltips by Claudio Holanda! We never seen browsers so happy rendering tooltips - Claudio, you are the rockstar!

Font Awesome

Officially awesome. Our sincere and heartfelt words of appreciation to Dave Gandy of Font Awesome, your work is nothing but font-astic!

jQuery Validation Plugin

In Validation We Trust! We appreciate all the hard work and effort by the project's team and contributors to make forms validation great again!


Lightning-fast and universal storage for the modern web. Big shoutout goes to Firebase team for making it possible to manage and retrieve our data fast, safe and RESTful!


Very rare gem in the landscape of static site generators. It is our team's greatest privilege to use the project in day-to-day operations and serve the generated content to our clients.


"Coming Soon" is one of the best free themes for landing pages. It is very customizable and enables you to build and launch a landing page for any project in almost no time.